Raghuvenra Chauhan
Mentor & Guide to LH-B | Former Chief Justice

Hon’ble Raghuvendra S. Chauhan

Justice R. S. Chauhan served as Hon’ble Justice of the Rajasthan High Court, Karnataka and Telangana High Courts, before elevation as Chief Justice of the Telangana and then Uttrakhand High Courts.

Having been brought up and educated in the US, he moved to India for Law School. With a long and distinguished career behind him, Chief Justice Chauhan is an erudite Statesman, a fair-minded, deep thinker, and a patron of the fine Arts, with precious deep insights into the mindset and workings of public entities and agencies and the Indian judicial system. He is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards and values in Public Life.

Since retiring from the bench, CJ Chauhan has also established an Arbitrator Practice based in Delhi.