Case Studies

LH-Blenheim have been India advisors to SMEs and larger companies (State-owned and FT 100): Wind turbines, to Biotech & Medical Devices, to Renewable Energy (Hydro & Solar), Military Aerospace, Space, Communications s & Covert Surveillance solutions for Paramilitary/Police/Government Agencies, Mass Transportation (Buses, Metro & Railways), Airports & ATC, Engineering/Electronics, Mining Safety Equipment, Software systems/solutions for various sectors, General Engineering.

We are sector-neutral and our clients have been from the UK, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Spain.

Examples of our work (within constraints of confidentiality requirements)

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Large listed Australian communications equipment manufacturer & supplier

The client had previously experienced difficult years in India. Full-spectrum India Advisor for the sale and market development of globally leading communication equipment and solutions for police, paramilitaries and defence customers.

UK technology company leader in security related communications equipment

Full-spectrum advisor to assist with the growth of Indian sales, consolidation of local existing partners, and identification of new business growth strategies within an ever-present envelope of soft risks and local threats.

Large Scandinavian state-owned power company (renewables)

The client had suffered years of financial losses by the manipulation of the local partner and local senior management. Primary role in assessing in the field in North-East India new local project proposals. Deep soft due diligence, in an environment of serious risk to Integrity/ Reputation from partners and local employees.

SME Scandinavian Manufacturer of Niche Covert Surveillance Solutions

To assist in developing Indian business within Indian law enforcement and intelligence customers.

Large FT100 aerospace/defence group

Appointed as India Advisor to assist internal team re-vamp market strategy – market entry, set-up, joint-ventures/ partnering, local manufacturing and related local risk issues. Advisory and implementation role.

Large Spanish global in infrastructure & technology

Client group struggling to stabilize revenue-generating project success in India. Advisor in identifying new opportunities and for progress in ‘problems and realities on the ground’, soft due diligence re local partner selection and local business practices.

SME Security equipment development-manufacturing

UK AIM Market-listed client with cutting-edge technology-based scanning equipment. Market entry strategy, new business, partner identification, due diligence. Targeting sales and local manufacturing.

SME Defence Aerospace

UK aerospace supply chain SME. Identifying collaboration with an Indian aerospace sector company for the supply of components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and solutions for Indian Aerospace customers.

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European Financial Co - Sponsor of Infrastructure Projects

Strategy for acquiring and establishing Power Projects portfolio in India.

SME German bio-tech company cutting-edge technology

Market entry strategy, partner identification, regulatory approval, and soft risks. Cutting-edge technology and products for commercialisation in the growing Indian Medical Devices market.

Globally recognized brand in UK motor sports engineering group

Advisor to Electronics Engineering division for deploying proprietary technology in Indian Mass Transportation Projects – Buses, Metro, Rail. Opportunity identification, partner identification, and tactics on the ground to head off ‘soft risks’ from local cultural practices.

SME Austrian Leader in Aerospace Test Equipment Manufacturing

Advised on targeted market entry into the Indian Defence Aerospace Test Equipment Sector. Partner identification, negotiations, and soft risks prevention in local engagement.

Family-Owned Australian Global Manufacturer of Circular Looms

Assistance with a bitter dispute with an Indian JV partner involving manipulation, description, and threat tactics.

SME British wind-turbine developer

New technology wind turbine design, needing sophisticated carbon-fibre composite manufacturing. Full spectrum advice on India market opportunity, identifying local manufacturing partners, negotiations, and soft due diligence.

European International Airport Operator

Advice and identification of Indian Airport Bids and projects. Dealings with Indian Government Agency, issues of soft risks.

Scandinavian Biotech company

Full spectrum India Market Entry advice, partner identification and due diligence – for the commercialisation of sophisticated new bio-engineered products in India, including local trials and regulatory approval.

Large Spanish Global Group

India Advisor for developing specific targeted transportation/infrastructure projects: soft due diligence detrimental threats from local cultural risks to Group’s reputation and capital invested.